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GSM Controller

  •  AEC201 GSM SMS Controller and Multifunctional Reading System:

AEC201 is a simple device for controlling and transmitting commands by SMS on a mobile network. With the help of this device, it can be viewed via an Android software or SMS, the status of input and output sensors, and turning off or on ports, as well as the command to disconnect any of the output ports. The device also has digital input ports for connecting a variety of sensors. For example, the command output of a motion detection sensor or a smoke detector can be connected to an input port of the machine, and then, once motion detection or smoke is detected in the environment, the device sends a message of motility or smoke alarms to Sends the number to which the device has been activated. It is also possible to connect analogue and digital sensors to detect environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure and ... to the device and remote readings of their values. You can connect the device through a USB port to a computer and use password-changing interface software to define the port state and configure the device's serial communication. The features of the AEC201 device designed by Arian Caspian Corporation are as follows:

  • Includes 4 outputs of the normal relay can be controlled via SMS or in accordance with the status of ports and input sensors.
  • Includes 2 sensible inputs to a zero-level sensitive level for controlling outputs or sending remote alarms.
  • Includes 2 analogue digital inputs for reading different voltage levels, sensor connection, output control or sending alarms.
  • Includes 1 digital sensor input under single-protocol protocol.
  • Has a serial communication port under the RS232 TTL or I2C protocol to support a variety of sensors and modules.
  • The ability to connect the device to a computer through a serial port to configure or display system status.
  • Possibility to send one or more automatic commands depending on the conditions of sensors connected to the device or digital and analog inputs.
  • Ability to define the time period for activating or deactivating each output.
  • Ability to increase the ports of input and output by wireless / wireless through the interface of the interface circuit to the serial port.
  • Ability to network two or more devices through the serial port.
  • Environmental monitoring and remote sensing values ​​of sensors connected to the device.
  • Possibility to record and save event information, sensor conditions and ...
  • Ability to define different levels of access to the device to execute commands and view system status.
  • Ability to boot with electricity, battery and solar cell.
  • Alert for lack of SIM card charging, power failure and battery drain via SMS.
  • The wide range of 6 to 50 volt input voltages.





  • How to use the device:

To send a command to disconnect or connect the output of the device's relays, just send an SMS containing the device code, the name of the relay, and it’s on or off status for the SIM card number placed on the device. The default password is 1234. SMS should be in English and all letters should be written large and avoid placing a line between characters. Also, by placing the word STATUS in SMS, the device after receiving it sends the status of the relay on and off for the number that sent the SMS. Example:





The device switches on the second relay by receiving SMS, switching off the third relay, and not changing the status of the first and fourth relays. It also sends the status of all four relays to the SMS sender.

*  It is possible that the software of the device is adapted to the needs of the client and the function of some of the inputs and outputs is specifically defined for a particular user. There is also a possibility to change the device's program to connect different sensors.


ـ Other usage of the AEC201 device:

  • The AEC201 can be used as a remote transmitter for various environmental alarms for home use, diverse industries, agriculture and meteorology. The sources of alarms are created either internally with the device's own sensors or external to the inputs of the device by receiving external output sensors. The device sends an SMS to the specified number after the sensor alarms are activated or reaches a defined threshold; it is also possible to call a specific number besides sending SMS.
  • This unit can be used for remote reading of different meters. Just connect the meter serial output line to the serial port of the device and receive the meter data at any time by using text messages or through the Internet.
  • The device can be configured as an intelligent and automated environment controller and, using the device's inputs / outputs, depending on the conditions, stabilizes the status of the parameters in the environment within a specified range. According to the two above-mentioned applications, there is also the possibility of remote reporting.
  • The device can be used as a data logger and received data collected on the Internet at the desired time. In this case, it can be defined for the device to send messages to a specific destination automatically or by receiving a command by recording the momentary data of their various inputs.
  • Fields of application:


  • Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Industries:

To send alarms, environmental sensors, remote readings of sensor values ​​and processed system data, sending and receiving remote control commands, automatic controllers of different systems depending on operational definitions related to environmental conditions, data logger, recording of different events, suitable for units Monitoring and remote monitoring and ...


  • Agricultural and poultry farming:

To implement the automation of the irrigation of farms and orchards fully or remotely, to control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouses, indoor fields and poultry farms, remote reading of the environment of the fields and orchards, sending warm and cold weather, too much soil moisture, the ability to record changes in environmental conditions as well as the amount of water consumed and ...


  • Affairs of electricity, water and gas subscribers:

For remote reading of electricity, water and gas meters, controlling the flow of the meter off and on automatically or by sending a command, notification of the meter's warning, recording and sending of consumption in different times and ...


  • Home usage:

To view the situation as well as to control the on or off of the home appliances automatically or by sending a remote control, send alarm activation of various sensors installed at home and ...


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