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Bluetooth access control

The Soubatan security system is an access control device via Bluetooth. An Android user interface that is installed on the user's mobile phone sends a username and password to the device via Bluetooth, and when it was valid, activated the output that connected to an electrical lock. The date and time of the user request with its image on the server is archived. Also, the Bluetooth pairing of this system is defined only for users whose IMEI numbers are registered on the server.


Soubatan Multipurpose System BT2050

- Multipurpose system:

The design of the BT2050 is such that it can be used in a variety of applications from home to various industrial usages. The inputs and outputs of the device are capable of sending and receiving a variety of analog and digital signals that can be used to set up various sensors, command circuits, alert, modems, displays, cameras, mouse and keyboards. The device has the ability to store and log information locally and also on the web. The ability to monitor environmental conditions, geographic location and upload images online on the web is another feature of the device. Also, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, mobile phones are capable of communicating with the device and sending commands or receiving information using an Android software. The BT2050 has the potential to form a vast network of environmental monitoring and control units in an extensive range of geographies.

 -This device can be installed on telecommunication sites, security passes, laboratory environments, military places, and all places designated for access by specific person

ـ‌ Technical Features :

  • Android user interface (Communicate with the system via bluetooth)
  • Online view system status via the web
  • Locate the system installation position on the map
  • Support 3G/4G
  • Define user access to the system via the web
  • Connect up to 4 IP Camera
  • Connect up to 4 PIR Sensor
  • 2 electrical locks individually control
  • Support different types of analog & digital sensors
  • Define the user`s commands
  • Logging incidents along with recording picture
  • Announce local alert and send it via the web
  • Controlling the fan circuit according to temperature conditions
  • Controlling battery charging and supporting solar panel for power supply
  • Power supply 12V dc 5A




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